Quantum STEM School welcomes students at any grade, as we will tailor the best-individualized learning pathway for each student.

The entrance exam at our school is designed so that the potential student will have a preliminary evaluation of his/her abilities. As a result, the student will have an opportunity to identify the areas for further development and finally will have a smooth transition to our educational program. Based on the test results, students will receive guidance and a list of recommended literature, which is absolutely free of charge.


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Language and format

For applicants to the 1st grade, an interview is conducted at the school by experienced teachers. The interview lasts 20 minutes. During the interview, teachers ask specially designed questions to recognize the skills of developing speech, logic, and abstract thinking.

For applicants from grades 2 to 7, testing is carried out for knowledge of the language of instruction (Kazakh or Russian), English, mathematics and logic.

For applicants from grades 8 to 11, tests are conducted in English, mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

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