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The innovative Quantum School is the first STEM school in our region, which is based on the most advanced practices of the best schools in Singapore and the USA.

Quantum STEM departments


Education at our school is based on a strong interdisciplinary connection between the departments of Mathematics, Science and Engineering. Throughout the entire educational process, in parallel with the traditional study of disciplines, students study the Integrated Engineering Program, which will allow students to get acquainted with all the main types of engineering such as: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering. These courses are based on the methods of Project Based Learning (project activity) and Inquiry Based Learning (learning based on asking questions).

Primary school

In the primary grades (grades 1-6), students follow the Singapore curriculum. Primary school students study subjects such as "Singapore math" and science in English. Singapore Mathematics has established itself as the world's best math program and has led Singaporean students to achieve consistently high scores in international comparative tests of TIMSS and PISA. Lessons under this program are conducted in a less traditional format, with the aim of stable development of children's thinking and deeper learning of the material. In addition, much attention is paid to group work, applied, real-life exercises and the consolidation of English skills in practice.

Our school cooperates directly with the leading Singaporean publishing house Marshall Cavendish, represented in 80 countries, which gives us access to educational platforms, interactive digital textbooks, constant methodological and technical support for teachers. The “Singapore Science” lessons are accompanied by lab activities to instill in students an interest in science from an early age, as well as prepare them for the more advanced program that awaits them in high school.


At the intermediate level, students begin to study science, programming and engineering in more depth in classes in aircraft modeling, 3D modeling, bionics, and rocket modeling. Programming lessons at Quantum include not only the study of languages ​​such as Python and Java, but also classes in sports programming and mobile application development.

High school

In high school, students are given the opportunity to choose subjects under the international Advanced Placement program from the College Board educational organization, which is especially common in leading US schools. A distinctive feature of the program is the study of selected subjects according to the university program. Thus, high school students can, before entering the university, master the program of the first two semesters of the university, pass the exam and receive credits that will be taken into account in further education. Courses such as AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP World History, AP English Language and Composition will be especially relevant in light of the cancellation of the SAT Subject Test, as they show a serious attitude of students in a more in-depth study of subjects . In grades 10-11, students will work on their personal research in the field of engineering and its further defense through the AP Research Capstone Project (Graduation Project), which is evaluated by foreign experts.