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Registration for the 2023-2024
academic year


You can enter our school in any grade, as we will select the most optimal individual learning path for each student. Admission to Quantum STEM School takes place in 2 stages:

  1. Conducting individual interviews for 1st graders and written entrance testing for candidates in grades 2-11.
  2. Interviews with the parents of the candidates.

The competition depends on the availability of vacancies. If there are no vacancies, the completed application is added to the waiting list. In case vacancies become available, the admissions committee reserves the right to conduct an extraordinary selection at the nearest dates.

Priority is given to applicants who score the highest marks in the interview or testing. The passing score varies depending on the grade of entry, the language of instruction, and the number of vacancies.

The results of the individual interview or entrance test are sent to the email provided in the application within two weeks. If a candidate achieves the passing score, the candidate’s parents will be invited for an interview.


When applying for the 1st grade, an individual interview is conducted. The purpose of the interview is to assess reading, mathematics, and logic skills.


For applicants from 2nd to 7th grades, testing is conducted on grammar knowledge according to the language of instruction (Kazakh or Russian), English language, mathematics, logic, and a creative engineering task.


For applicants from 8th to 11th grades, testing is conducted in the following subjects: English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and a creative engineering task.


We invite you and your child to get acquainted with Quantum STEM School. We will conduct a tour of the school and answer all your questions.

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