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College Counseling

Universities where our graduates study:


The goal of career guidance (college counseling) at Quantum STEM School is to prepare students for a conscious choice of their future profession, including in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as to provide them with the necessary support, information, and experience for successful admission to the world’s top universities.

Our college counselors

Madi Khanafiya_1
Madi Khanafia

Senior college counsellor


Nazarbayev University – Master’s
Nazarbayev University – Bachelor’s

Kulchimbayeva Kalamkas Muratovna
Kalamkas Kulchimabayeva

College counsellor

Nazarbayev University – Bachelor’s

Utepbayev Temirlan Azamatuly
Temirlan Utepbayev

College counsellor

Beijing University – Bachelor’s