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Life at Quantum

Division into Quantum Houses

The Quantum Houses division system is a dynamic, engaging, and proven method to create a positive climate and culture among students and staff at schools.

Employing the methods of this system helps students confidently engage in processes that build character, foster unity and team spirit, a sense of healthy competition, and also affects the communication process, both among peers and with students from older and younger grades. Thanks to the division into Quantum Houses, students develop a sense of cohesion and feel a sense of family within the school. Throughout the academic year, Quantum Houses hold various events, competitions, and contests.

School Clubs

Within the framework of extracurricular activities based at the school, various clubs and groups operate. Their activities and content are designed to develop a child’s personality and skills. The structure of these clubs depends on the wishes and needs of our students. At Quantum STEM School, there is a vast array of “interest clubs” aimed at developing a child’s abilities. These can include classes in choreography, quilting, cooking, fashion modeling, wood carving, archery, model aviation, pottery, origami, photography, 3D modeling, language studies, sports sections, and much more.